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Que dire de cette chanson si ce n’est qu’elle est entraînante et qu’elle nous rappelle ces années mouvementées qu’étaient les années 30… À noter que Dalida obtint un succès fulgurant dans les pays anglophones (en effet, la chanson est d’origine britannique), notamment en Angleterre et aux Etats-Unis (elle l’interprétera lors de son mythique concert au Carnegie Hall de New York en novembre 1978).


'Hello Dalida'

'What are you doing ?'
'I'm dancing'
'Dancing the fox-trot, the polka ?'
'No, no I'm dancing the lambeth
'What ?'
'The lambeth walk !'

One day with time to spend
In grandma's home I climbed the stairs
I reached the attic at the top
Oh what a sight I had to stop

Looks, pictures, junk galore, it looks just like a jumble store
Lots of records everywhere
Which they could play then there

Then refrained but in a dream
I was on the thirteen sceen
There was a row for double gramophone

Turn the handles and it plays
All the sounds of yesterday
Charleston and waltzes rumbas and swings of course

But topical the backstairs
I have the union jack there
Making you want to sing
God save the King

Learn the lyrics, learn the tunes
Started dancing round the room
Oh ! That's a new
Doing the lambeth walk

It was a big sensation
Just like a celebration
You either sings or talk it lambeth walking

Anytime you lambeth way
Any evening, any day
You'll find us all doing the lambeth walk

Every little lambeth ground
With our little lambeth park
You'll find then all
Doing the lambeth walk

Every things gree and easy
Do as you've done well it's easy
Why don't you make your way there ?
Go there stay there !

Once you get down lambeth way
Every evening, ev'ry day
You'll find yourself
Doing the lambeth walk

Once you get down lambeth way
Every evening, ev'ry day
You'll find yourself doing
The lambeth walk

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